Fluffy Hotcakes/Pikelets

Makes 24; serves 3-4
No gluten, dairy, soy or cane-sugar

Serve this popular fare sweet or savoury; for breakfast or a fun dinner. These are so moist and fluffy they do what few of the pancake family can accomplish: they are even nice the next day for snacks, lunch or reheated. This recipe was adapted from a wheat-flour-based Jamie Oliver recipe and was made with the inspiration of my teenage, pancake-loving friend Lily. Technically when such batters fill a pan they are pancakes; if large, thin and with no leavener such as baking powder, they are crepes; if served small they are hotcakes or pikelets.

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Glazed Orange & Ginger Meatballs

Makes 32; serves 4-5
(No gluten, dairy, legumes or nightshades)

New Zealand supermarket shoppers are fortunate to be able to purchase grass-fed, free range venison without antibiotics or growth-promoting hormones. Farm-raised venison has a mild flavour with many cuts – such as medallions and stir-fry – requiring only a few minutes of cooking. Or make the meatballs using ground lamb. New Zealand lamb is almost all pasture-fed.

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Bean Burgers

Makes 12
(No gluten or dairy)

Even people of otherwise refined sensibilities commonly exhibit a murmuring pleasure from food eaten messily by hand with primal juices dripping. These burgers can be fried, baked or barbequed. Consume sedately as patties – accompanied by salad or mixed steamed vegetables – or serve on toast or buns. Offer an assortment of stack-your-own components: lettuce, tomato, gherkin, cooked onion and mushrooms, mustard, relish, aioli or Green Herb Dressing (see The Shape Diet).

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