MEDICATIONS: Do You Know What You Are Swallowing?

Medications: for Pain, Contraception, Digestion, Skin, Bones, Cholesterol and More. Do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs? Are There Alternatives? 

If you or a loved one has been injured due to a car crash, fire, or similar health emergency we can thank the brilliant expertise and technology of the medical profession as they save lives and assist recovery.

Medications can be superb in crisis, but with long term use the side effects mount. Some – like suicidal depression with acne drugs – are worse than the original condition.

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Why Pain Is Your Best Friend

…and when positivity can work against you.

Here is a challenging question for you. Which would you prefer in your life: more pleasure or more pain? While most people might reply, “Pleasure”, their life choices often ensure, “Pain”.

Pain can be searing and unmistakable, or be defined by discomfort – physical or psychological – such as disturbed or inflamed function. This includes skin, hormonal, weight, mood, digestive, muscle, joint problems and more (for a full list of inflammatory markers, see my TIPS article: Inflammation). Some people are born with a genetic defect so they feel no physical pain. This may sound advantageous but it makes life far more dangerous. Such people have been easily burned and scalded; have bitten their lips and tongues idly until plastic surgery was needed. Most suffered fractures or bone infections that were only noted when they started limping. So pain is a useful message that warns of danger.

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INFLAMMATION: Is This the Cause of Most Health Problems?

Inflammation can save your life or destroy it. If you have an injury or infection then pro-inflammatory hormones trigger the immune system’s white blood cells to mass at the location. They aim to annihilate pathogens (viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitic) and dispose of the toxic debris from injury or battle. Like road-workers in loud orange vests they will announce their activity with redness, swelling, heat and pain. When their goal is achieved then anti-inflammatory hormones muster to help return calm. The process is unpleasant in the short term; healing in the long term.

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ACHES and PAINS: What Your Joints, Muscles and Nerves are Trying to Tell You

Arthritis New Zealand states* that by age 65 more than 45% of people have some form of arthritis. Do you have any stiffness, aches, numbness, cramps or shooting pains? Your body is trying to get your attention.

Discomfort is an arrow pointing to Inflammation that urgently requires resolution (see website TIPS for related article). Detective work is needed to determine the causative factors. If these are not addressed then the damage can intensify, move or spread elsewhere, or become systemic and even appear unrelated.

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