The Heart of the Matter


The Heart of the Matter: Significant Strategies For Preventing – and Repairing – Heart, Arterial, Stroke and Other Cardiovascular Damage

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With this report discover:

• How one quick and delicious meal per day can diminish high cholesterol; improve arterial and liver function; protect the brain from cognitive decline; and prevent insulin-linked fatigue, obesity and high blood fats.

• The 2 popular snack foods that provide the best cardiovascular health insurance.

• The benefits of all fat types – including saturated – and the best ones to eat for supple arteries, good circulation, and peak mental function.

• The surprising news about muesli bars and muffins, eggs and coconut cream, low-fat milks and cosmetics.

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YOUR WEIGHT: It’s About Much More than Food and Exercise

Medicine is inclined to a mechanistic approach when problem solving. Weight has been viewed as the result of calories in (through food) and calories out (through exercise). Thus high-fat foods get pilloried due to their greater kilojoule or calorie count compared to carbohydrate or protein. But there is a bigger buffet of contributors to consider such as stress, hormones – and food quality, not just quantity.

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ALCOHOL: Eat, Drink and Be Wary

From Harvard to China, scores of studies from around the world involving hundreds of thousands of participants, consistently show that those who are moderate alcohol consumers have greater longevity than abstainers or heavy drinkers. Moderate users are more likely to be a healthy weight and exercise regularly, but even when researchers account for such factors alcohol clearly reduces risks for gallstones, dementia, Type 2 diabetes, and especially cardiovascular disease.

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MAGNESIUM: The Stress-Challenged Person’s Best Micronutrient Friend

Nutrition can be as affected by fashion as skirt lengths are. Calcium for instance, has current cover girl status and its role in good bone structure seems to warrant this celebrity attention.

The workings of the human body though are not based in a star system, but in the interrelationships of equally significant contributors. While calcium can help build bones, without sufficient magnesium – its key partner in life – those bones will be brittle. Likewise calcium allows muscles to contract, but only with enough magnesium are muscles and their owners able to relax.

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THE FATS OF LIFE: Your Brain and Body Depend on Your Choices

Your body is amazing. On average 10,000 of your cells will fit on the head of a pin. Each second about 25 million cellular divisions occur to enable growth, repair and replacement. The executive management of this extraordinary activity has appeared to be under the direction of genes within your cells. But what stimulates disease-causing rather than health-promoting genes into expression when everyone carries both?

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