YOUR BRAIN: Free Medicine for Depression, Anxiety, Addictions, ADHD, Dyslexia and More

Sister Bernadette had a fine mind which she enjoyed putting to work with puzzles, debating social issues, and teaching the young. She kept lively until her death at 85. As part of an ongoing study by American epidemiologists, she was one of 600 nuns who donated their brains to science. Soon before her death she continued to score in the ninetieth percentile on cognitive tests. Yet when she was examined post mortem, massive destruction from Alzheimer’s was evident. Her brain was filled with the disease’s characteristic rigid plaques and messy tangles. From the inner hippocampus (the central train station for learning, stress and mood management pathways) to the outer cortex, there was the most extensive degree of damage. So why did she remain so sharp?

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FERTILITY PROBLEMS: Why This Is Happening to 1 in 6 Couples

A definition of foolishness is: “Do the same thing in the same way, yet expect different results”. Another folly is to consider only the immediate nature of a problem and not fully examine it for causative factors.

Years ago if clients presented with troubling skin conditions, practitioners had to work hard at convincing them that somehow this related to deeper, systemic issues such as liver function or low nutrient levels. Now this relationship is readily acknowledged. Yet often when couples have difficulty conceiving they rush to achieve their desired outcome through applying the mechanical and chemical force of IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) or similar forms of ART (assisted reproductive technology). This is similar to taking steroids for eczema. Drugs may work by aggressively – and briefly – achieving the goal of clear skin, but because systemic cause was not addressed, the initiating problem remains and the symptoms return.

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