Testimonials as a Clinical Nutritionist

Maria Middlestead

“My little girl has no more clumsiness, drama queen mood swings, sore tums, smelly poos or eczema. My husband and mother-in-law couldn’t believe diet was related – now they’re convinced”.  Tracy Halverson

“The specialist at Auckland Hospital says my brain tumour has shrunk to a small bump she called a ‘negligible feature’, which means what we have done nutritionally has paid off after only 3 months. Is that not wonderful? I am going from strength to strength and feel consistently well throughout each day. One billion thank you”. Ali Sanderson

“Lily’s behaviour has had a marked improvement since seeing you. Her skin is much better and the cradle cap is gone”. Heather Desdon

“Even the Year 12 Dean sees such an improvement in Sarah’s behaviour. You have been a real lifeline to a very unhappy girl and an exhausted mother”. Julie McDonald

“After three unsuccessful pregnancies we have a beautiful baby girl thanks to you (well, not entirely!)”. Karen Edwards

“My specialist and his nurse are impressed with how you’ve achieved this improvement. In less than 6 weeks my cholesterol is now normal”. Ann Malins

“After 20 years I am off sleeping pills and wake up looking forward to the day. Thank you, Maria”. Ellen Stein

“Great differences straight away. Everyone says my skin looks so gorgeous”. Heather Teissl

“I haven’t had a hot flush since I saw you”. Vera Rudd

“The bloating is gone. No pain. No tears. It’s a miracle”. Stephanie Bell

“I can’t believe how well your suggestions are working for me. I always found it annoying how often I tended to get hungry, but not lately. I am even getting up earlier in the morning”. Regina Holland

“More energy, lost weight, I haven’t felt I’ve been on a diet. My husband is impressed with the changes – especially my moods!” Jo Davison

“Apart from losing 4 or 5 kilos that have stuck for some time, I feel so much better. My nails are stronger and I have fewer symptoms of PMS”. Helen Roberts

“Good news. No candida!” Lisa Martinson

“I have had huge success in improving my stomach condition. This has been exciting for me having tried everything else. I have found your (dietary) suggestions to be fantastic and if I miss a day I know it”. Camea Degen

“Thanks for your help. I feel great and my blood pressure is down to 120. Nothing else helped until I saw you”. Shirley Squires

“Your (advice) is working big time. Don’t have the usual backache etc. Am really thrilled with the results. Getting more flexible and my joints are more responsive – can even turn round in the bath now!”. Anelia Matt

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am actually functioning and not wanting to kill myself. I’m so happy (better than any drug!), given up marijuana and no cravings! You’re an angel”. Toby Endicott

Testimonials As a Writer, Public Speaker and Educator

“Unrelenting professional commitment, and a wonderful sense of humour”. Josee LeBel

“Brilliant! Maria you always explain your subject matter so well and articulate thoughts and ideas so anyone can understand them”. Stu Bennett

“Little lady. Big bang!”. Kathy Hudson

“Not only a fountain of scientific knowledge but an inspiration”. Melissa Banks

“Fascinating and multi-layered. You are ahead of your time”. Graham Bennett

“Always entertaining and a huge learning curve”. Donna Chatswood

“Wit and abundant insight into nutrition and life”. Mannie King

“Thank you for so much enthusiasm and passion. Your practical and intelligent advice greatly affects my life”. Matthew D’haemer

“Truly life altering! Lots of valuable information presented in a professional and entertaining way”. Wendy Howe