The Shape Diet

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Which foods are ideal for you?

High-animal protein? Vegetarian? Low-carb? Low-fat?

One diet cannot possibly fit all. Just as people are varied in shape, size and personality, they also have diverse biochemistry. Discovering your individual metabolic and personality type can provide the easiest path to maximum health and pleasure. A customised dietary plan can at last free you from the frustrations of weight problems, food cravings and erratic energy levels.

Visit the food pyramids but don’t try to live there!

Living well and eating well are not simply reliant on good advice; equally important to success are tailored psychological strategies. The Shape Diet contains simple, innovative methods for identifying self-sabotage and inner guidance. Also outlined are the contrasting key approaches that men and women require to initiate and sustain change in all areas of health.

Synthesising scientific, psychological, spiritual and practical approaches, The Shape Diet will help you enjoy great food and great health.

• Discover the distinct foods, strategies and stressors for your metabolic body-type.

• Understand and access governing brain/body links.

• Enjoy sustained and pleasurable health and weight management.

• Identify and manage food sensitivities.

• Benefit from research and history-ratified nutrition information made time-savvy and tasty.

• Learn the 5 core concepts to all cooking: your liberating key to easy and endless variety.

• Increase your dining satisfaction with 100 pages of recipes for international favourites that let you choose your preferred animal or plant protein options, and which are dairy- and gluten-free.

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