You Are Just A Few Steps Away From Peak Vitality


You Are Just A Few Steps Away From Peak Vitality

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With this report discover:

• How to prevent mid-morning or mid-afternoon ‘slumps’, and maintain optimal mental and physical performance.

• The unsung dietary hero that is more significant than protein – or sugar – in how it affects your energy levels.

• The most therapeutic recipe developed in my 35 years of practice. This has transformed the lives of thousands of clients and readers, plus it’s tasty and inexpensive. It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare, was demonstrated on national television to popular reception, and is the #1 dietary way to assist the following conditions:

– Low or erratic vitality levels.

– Sluggish metabolism and easy weight gain.

– Hormonal problems such as with prostate, breast, fibroids and PMS.

– Excess heavy metals (leading to weak bones, mind, mood and neurological problems).

• A 5-minute recipe for a delicious spread to replace butter, jam and other toppings. Not only is it a crowd pleaser on taste alone, but it is also the:

– #1 food source of most B vitamins (essential for energy release, digestion, brain function and stress management).

– #1 and most absorbable source of hard-to-obtain chromium (critical for managing blood sugar and insulin, favouring muscle over fat development).

– Valuable contributor of calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.

– Ideal choice for high protein, low GI and low starchy carbohydrate needs.

– Easily prepared, long keeping recipe, which even comes kid-approved (the most challenging nutritional standard to achieve).

• Why the timing of your meals is as important as their quantity or quality.

• The surprising consequences related to using calcium supplements, chewing gum, diet drinks, aspirin and microwaves.

The following is a free preview of this report:

Your Energy Delivery Systems: An Owner’s Manual

People tend to provide their bodies with a level of care similar to that of the clothes they wear.

Their forms get washed, dried, straightened, and perhaps checked for noticeable marks and tears. Apart from that there is commonly little attention given until something goes seriously wrong. Even then most people will ignore a range of long-term symptoms unless these have one of two qualities: they considerably impede daily function, or – like large blemishes – they become an unobscurable threat to vanity. At these times the body may seem mysteriously troublesome or an outright sabotaging enemy. As in other relationships though, usually there have been numerous small signs that have gone unheeded before problems reach the stage of a major eruption.

The body tries to communicate its needs and cautions to its host. What may appear to be merely nuisance symptoms – especially those evident with surfaces such as hair, skin and nails – are actually significant indicators of deeper nutritional deficiencies and organ imbalances within.

The swiftest way though that the body uses to communicate a message of “attention please: system is approaching malfunction” is via altered energy levels in mind and body. Most people have had the experience of eating a meal or snack and within minutes or perhaps two hours later feeling marked, impaired vitality levels. There might be tiredness and depression, or irritability and cravings, or nervous dissatisfaction. In contrast if the meal has supplied appropriate fuel for your unique metabolic needs and circumstances, this will be verified by a noticeable enhancement in mood and physical vigour. Such a meal will provide alertness without anxiety, relaxation without sedation.

The human body is exquisitely designed for homeostasis. This is the maintenance of internal stability thanks to the intricate and vast, coordinated response of its many systems to any stimulus. If a person’s typical experience is one of fatigue, this is a profound statement of inappropriate fuel sources and compromised micronutrient and systemic teamwork. There are 3 main reasons why this might occur, and just a few strategic steps necessary to bring the system back into a productive and enjoyable state of balance…

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