Genuinely Healthy Wraps (most others aren’t)

No gluten or dairy – with options for grains, nightshades, legumes, plant and animal protein

Smoking was once thought of as glamourous. The reality is especially ironic in terms of the associated premature ageing; wrinkles; yellowed skin, nails and teeth; bad breath; as well as chronic and killer diseases.

Before purchasing a prepared food be sure to turn the product over and check out its reality in terms of ingredients. Most wraps have a long list of highly processed artificial additives to cheaply keep them fakely flavoured, supple and long lasting. If you are fine on wheat, Mountain Bread brand is an exception. One of the few healthy gluten-free options is Certified Organic Gluten-free Wraps by Old Time Bakery. These are available from some health stores (HS) and specialty stores (SP) such as Farro Fresh. For your shopping convenience, where to buy quality versions of other recipe items are also likewise noted (including S – for supermarket; M – for my website recipe).

Wraps are good for at-home or take-away lunches. In the evening they can be offered along with a simple soup or salad for a quick meal. Or serve as an easy help-yourself dinner popular with all ages. Note the pattern to the suggestions that follow: there is a creamy spread, veg, seasonings and a protein. Put out a range of these options and let people construct their own. For heartier appetites or to include something warm, there could be the addition of roast veg or corn on the cob.

Wrap Options:

Certified Organic Gluten-free Wraps (HS, SP; there are 4 large ones to a packet);

Or nori seaweed sheets (S);

Or round or square rice noodle wrappers (SP, HS, some S; dip each sheet in water and let sit on bench
10 seconds or more until soft and pliable – no need for cooking);

Or large soft lettuce leaves;

Or use taco shells as a container rather than a wrap.

Filling Options: (use the first ingredient as a spread)

• Avocado, lettuce, grated carrot, Ceres Chilli Beans (S);

• Avocado or Better Butter (M); mesclun, steamed or grated beetroot; plain tinned tuna;

• Hot or whole seed mustard, or mild Crystal Mustard (S), baby spinach, Be Nourished Sauerkraut (HS, SP), L’Authentique pate or terrine (SP) or cold cooked lamb or beef;

• Spicy Harissa (S), tinned artichokes or steamed asparagus, raw or cooked mushrooms, Turkish Kitchen Traditional Hummus (S) or Italian White Bean Dip (M);

• Spectrum Mayonnaise (HS), diced cucumber and red onion mixed with white vinegar, chopped hard boiled eggs;

• Wasabi (HS) thinned with tamari, bean sprouts, pickled ginger (HS), fresh or tinned salmon;

• Ceres Tahini mixed with lemon juice, fresh basil, chopped rock melon or persimmon, grated Vegan cheese (HS);

• Ceres Peanut Butter, Culley’s Hot Zombie Sauce (S, SP), fresh coriander, fresh or tinned pineapple, cooked chicken;

• Ceres Cashew Butter (S), grated courgette, diced radish, grated tofu mixed with tamari and rice vinegar;

• Coleslaw (grated cabbage and carrot, spring onion, currants, mayonnaise), smoked fish or falafel (S);

• Miso (S), soaked wakame seaweed (HS, SP), mashed cooked kumara/sweet potato, chopped Ceres Tamari Almonds (S);

• Ceres Almond Butter (S), chopped or grated apple or pear mixed with lemon juice, chives, chopped walnuts;

• Kato Aioli/Béarnaise or Hollandaise (S), steamed broccoli and kumara, chopped preserved lemon (S), toasted pumpkin kernels and cumin seeds;

• Better Butter; mushroom, red onion and courgette cooked with scrambled egg.

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