Your Body: An Owner’s Manual

GOOD HEALTH SOLUTIONS – An Introduction to a Series of 3 Reports

Your Body: An Owner’s Manual

The original meaning of the word doctor was “teacher”.

In times of crisis we can be thankful for the impressive provision of pharmaceuticals and surgery. Healthcare though should focus more on prevention, and simple but effective treatment options wherever possible. Modern research verifies the targeted, yet multi-spectrum ways in which foods can act as medicine. However since natural substances cannot be patented and thus made mega-profitable, there is more commercial interest in heralding how a drug can drop cholesterol levels by 3%, rather than explaining how an everyday food might achieve results of 20%.

Through the medium of these reports – and my work overall – I seek to inform and inspire. I want to reveal the everyday, practical tools people can use enjoyably and long term to build healthy lives. Dour, depriving or lofty standards are not up to the task. Menu plans and recipes must suit busy lives and standard budgets. As a mother I know from experience that meals on the table must first beckon by appearance and taste, or their nutritional attributes will be at best diplomatically dismissed.

People learn best by different methods. The material in each report is thus arranged in a variety of ways. It is introduced with an explanatory text, followed by key bullet points, then menu and recipe ideas with further rationales. There is simply put advice on how to put all this into daily practice. Additionally, for those more curious, material is supplied concerning the physiology and science behind the suggestions.

Each report focuses on one area of concern, such as vitality levels. Throughout each report though, there is reference to how one recommended food or behavioural change will improve not just energy issues, but perhaps skin problems or cancer risk factors as well. It is instructive to note that while pharmaceuticals all have unpleasant-to-dangerous side effects, when appropriate therapeutic foods are used they instead have multi-functioning side benefits.

The body sends out regular messages about its needs and concerns. This is done first via small symptoms, and then with increasingly troubled ones. The GOOD HEALTH SOLUTIONS’ reports will help you achieve greater awareness and understanding of what these symptoms are, what they mean, how to respond effectively, and how to make any necessary adjustments in a way that elicits delicious approval from you and your household.

Welcome to well being.

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