Do You Know What Your NAILS Say About You?

Nails have practical value (such as picking up objects and scratching), aesthetic value and diagnostic value.

They act as a protective plate in contrast to the many sensitive nerves in your fingertips there to provide information when you touch something. Have you ever noticed how women shoppers are more likely than men to touch objects they are evaluating? Women’s bodies have more nerve receptors: for example 34 nerve fibres per square centimetre of facial skin compared to men’s 17… Read more

Frangipane Slice

Makes 20 – 24 small slices

(No gluten, dairy, egg, cane sugar; with options for soy)

Sweet, moist, long keeping and super easy. The apricots are particularly high in alkaline potassium, a key nutrient for calm nerves and muscles including the heart. Dried fruit supplies a surprising amount of protein, fibre and minerals including iron. For visual appeal, choose a selection of different coloured fruit. Candied ginger is an especially punchy flavour contributor, but it does have cane sugar….. Read more