Fads and Fallacies about Health and Nutrition

Avoid all saturated fats. This is not only foolish but close to impossible. However it is a handy way to disqualify those who issue such sweeping nonsense. Every one of your 50 trillion cell membranes needs enough saturated fat and cholesterol for a firm, protective surround and enough unsaturated fat for flexibility. It is the quality of your fats that is most critical and the proportion of one type of fat to another in relation to your body-type and symptoms.

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YOUR EYES: How They Testify to Body and Soul

Are your eyes sensitive to the sun, sore, dry, itchy, watery, have creamy discharge, get encrusted with debris, or work poorly at night? Are they accompanied by dark circles beneath, puffiness above or below, or many fine dry lines?

Your eyes not only receive images, but they can also convey messages: a diagnostic status report on what is happening throughout the whole system.

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PROTEIN: The Foundation of Life

…and why you should invite bacteria to your next family gathering.

Some scientists date rocks. This is no comment on their social lives, just their area of expertise. On the basis of their work we can give our planet a birthday party to honour its 4.65 billion years.

The Big Bang is a theory about the birth of the universe, which refers to an expansion – not an explosion – about 14 billion years ago. Eventually the sun and later the earth condensed from cosmic dust and gas thanks to the power of gravitational attraction. The contraction of these materials and the radioactivity of some of them created heat. Some elements melted and differentiated into the earth’s crust and core with spectacular volcanic eruptions and other escaping gases. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen and others were held by gravity and formed the primitive atmosphere. Water vapour condensed and our oceans formed.

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THE FATS OF LIFE: Your Brain and Body Depend on Your Choices

Your body is amazing. On average 10,000 of your cells will fit on the head of a pin. Each second about 25 million cellular divisions occur to enable growth, repair and replacement. The executive management of this extraordinary activity has appeared to be under the direction of genes within your cells. But what stimulates disease-causing rather than health-promoting genes into expression when everyone carries both?

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SKIN: Looking After Your Largest Organ

Scrub it, squeeze it, scrape it, burn it, cover it with toxic chemicals – are there any indignities not performed on the organ you then perversely wish to show off and have stroked fondly?

Apart from looking good, the skin’s functions include the regulation of body temperature; maintaining water and electrolyte (mineral) balance; acting as a defence against sun and harmful substances; and providing instructive communication about pleasurable and painful stimuli.

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